How To Be An Amazing Psychic

The truths to becoming psychic and predicting the future

Ever since I was young, I always was future mind oriented. I always kept trying to predict people’s next course of action, their true motives, and why they do what they do. Time after time, I kept proving myself right. People are a being of habit, and habits are hard to break. Whether trying to predict an individual’s, group’s, country’s, or earth’s next move, you have to take time to remember the past and normals to each entity.

Over time, I’ve come to find certain methods of fortune-telling work better than others. My method involves a combination of certain fortune-telling methods. This includes, but not limited to, astrology, numerology, tarot, or just my clairvoyant mindset.

You see I am schizophrenic. If I were to go unmediated, I would be super in tune with the spirit world. This would give me instant access to people’s pasts just by being able to be a medium of sorts. This fact alone scares me. I don’t want to be so in-depth with the spirit world that I know everything about every person I witness. That’s why I choose to stay medicated. It dulls the voices I receive and keeps me in the present more than the future.

To become psychic you must find what works for you

In life, there is never a one-way trick to make things happen 100% of the time. This is due to the world at a sub-atomic level. The Quantum observer theory is amazing in the fact that things become predictable when things aren’t observed. Once there is an observer though, everything becomes unpredictable. This is why it is best to find your own method to try to read the future.

Are you better with numbers, letters/sounds, or visuals? Do you learn better with audio, doing, or seeing? These simple questions can help you find some of the best fortune telling methods out there that would be the best fit for you. Astrology, Chinese astrology, tarot, palmistry, numerology, crystallomancy, cartomancy, dreams, I Ching, tasseomancy, dowsing, throwing dice, card reading, phrenology, etc. are all options for telling the future. As stated, what you are keen to in life, will help determine the best fortune telling practice to take on.

Psychic abilities and how to acquire them

To obtain psychic abilities, you first and foremost must know what it entails to acquire them. Becoming a psychic means that you are giving entities and powers that be permission to infiltrate your life to help guide you. This in fact is a scary thought in general. It means that you are willing to accept signs and visions most people are not open to receiving. This may include, but not limited to, apparitions, gut instincts, voices, visions, people’s pasts becoming evident, etc. If you are willing to progress past this point knowing the repercussions, then you may be ready to adopt psychic practices.

To train yourself to become psychic you must start at a person to person level. From there you can advance to larger groups of people. One of the first things you want to do when attempting to see someone’s future is to try to get a read of the person they were in the past. Whether that be obtaining their name, birth date, birth year, palm features, habits, current life situations, struggles, etc. You would be surprised at how much more accurate your reading will be once you obtain even two of these facts.

What you want to do is study, at an intellectual level, each and everything there is to know about certain psychic practices. For example, knowing each and every astrological sign birth date range could help tremendously. Knowing Chinese zodiac signs birth years helps too. This is where the psychic has to take time to study psychic arts to obtain the best methods to determine people’s futures. Tarot reading is an art in and of itself. Numerology is a wild psychic practice that can change the world around you tremendously. Knowing how numbers affect people’s lives is just the beginning of understanding psychic arts.

Putting it all together

Taking what you know, and putting it all together to give the most accurate reading takes a lot of practice. I would say start at an inside thought process level and try to predict internally what others' futures will ensure. Once you start getting it right, you can then maybe start expressing your predictions to people around you, that are open to hearing it. If they see stuff happening just as was expressed, they will let others know how accurate you were. That will only help validate that you are putting it all together correctly. Once you achieve more confidence in your abilities, go ahead, and put your abilities on the market. Start doing readings for people that are interested. There are tons of ways to perform this online. You can do it in person also if you so much, please. You can turn your abilities into a legitimate business if you so much, please.

Read responsibly and respectfully

Never use your arts to bash people into the ground. You May come across bad signs to people’s futures, try to keep them at a level of decency and discrepancy. Just remember that people are emotional beings and words are bond.

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